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Akram Khan’s Jungle Book reimagined, a brand-new work based on the original story by Rudyard Kipling with an original score. With a new sense of urgency, Akram will reinterpret this lovingly known story from another perspective, through the lens of today’s children – those who will inherit our world and become our future storytellers.

Embedded in the roots of Jungle Book is the deep threat that mankind poses towards nature. Akram and his team reimagine the journey of Mowgli through the eyes of a refugee caught in a world devastated by the impact of climate change. They will tell the story of how this child will help us to listen again, not to our voices but to the voices of the natural world that we, the modern world, try to silence. Jungle Book reimagined will speak to all generations as a step to remind, to relearn, to reimagine a new world together.

A stellar creative team will be working on this reimagining of Jungle Book, with a script written by Tariq Jordan, dramaturgy by Sharon Clark, to an original score by Jocelyn Pook. With sound design by Gareth Fry, lighting by Michael Hulls, visual stage design by Miriam Buether, video design and animation by YeastCulture, and the insight of film director Andy Serkis, the visual technology will turn the stage into a magical world that dives into the myths of today.

Jungle Book reimagined will be performed by ten dancers: Lucia ChocarroTom Davis-DunnThomasin GülgeçMax RevellMatthew SandifordPui Yung ShumFukiko TakaseHolly VallisVanessa Vince-Pang and Luke Watson.

Akram Khan's Jungle Book

Jungle Book Reimagined: Trailer
Film by Maxime Dos

The Making of Jungle Book Reimagined
Act 2 - The Story
Film by Maxime Dos

The Making of Jungle Book Reimagined
Act 1 – The Inspiration
Film by Maxime Dos

The Making of Jungle Book Reimagined
Act III - The Animation
Film by Maxime Dos

Akram Khan on Jungle Book reimagined | 2022 International Festival

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Curve Theatre, Leicester, UK

Hippodrome, Birmingham, UK

Festspielhaus, St Pölten, Austria

Théâtre du ChâteletParis, France

Theatro Arriaga Antzokia, Bilbao, Spain

Teatro de Canal, Madrid, Spain

Impulstanz Burgtheater, Vienna, Austria

Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland

Concertgebouw Brugge, Bruge, Belgium

Festspiele, Ludwigshafen, Germany

Zorlu Performing Arts Centre, Istanbul, Turkey

Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong

LG Arts Center, Seoul, South Korea

Daejeon Arts Center, Daejeon, South Korea

National Taichung Theater, Taichung City, Taiwan

Théâtre de Caen, Caen, France

Rabozaal Internationaal Theater, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Fundación Teatro a Mil, Santiago, Chile  ( 11 - 15 Jan )

Baluarte, Pamplona, Spain  ( 21 Jan )

Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona, Spain  ( 25 - 30 Jan )

Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisboa, Portugal  ( 17 - 18 Feb )

Espace des Arts, Chalon-sur-Saône, France​  ( 15 Mar )

Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, UK  ( 4 - 15 April )

Festspielhaus Bregenz, Bregenz, Austria  ( 5 May )

The Lowry, Manchester, UK  ( 13 May )

Opéra de Dijon, Dijon, France  ( 18 - 19 May )

Les Gémeaux, Sceaux, France  ( 24 - 26 May )

Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands  ( 10 June )

Megaron, Athens, Greece  (14, 15 June)

The Marlowe, Canterbury, UK  ( 28 - 29 June )

Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Thessaloniki, Greece  ( 13 - 14 Sept)

Teatro Argentina, Rome, Italy  ( 28 Sept - 1st Oct )

Fonderie Limone, Torino, Italy  ( 6 - 7 Oct )

Bluma Appel Theatre, Toronto, Canada  ( 12 - 14 Oct )

National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada  ( 19 - 21 Oct )

The Broad Stage LA, Santa Monica, USA  ( 26 - 28 Oct )

Theatre Maisonneuve, Montreal, Canada  ( 1 - 4 Nov )

Harris Theatre, Chicago, USA  ( 9 - 11 Nov )

Lincoln Centre, New York, USA  ( 16 - 18 Nov ) 

Stanford Live, California, USA  ( 2 - 3 Dec )

2024 Tour Dates Coming Soon...

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