Image by Denise Jans
Image by Barry Weatherall
Image by Марьян Блан | @marjanblan

'Tariq Jordan is exceptional as Pip, starting off as the naive youth oblivious to anything but his own desires... Never letting us forget Pip’s humanity even when he is at his most blinkered'.

~ There Ought to be Clowns (Pip in Great Expectations)

'Tariq Jordan handled the role of Pip with great care, skillfully maturing from 12-year-old to young adult, to young adult with a posh English accent! He was rarely off the stage but his performance never flagged'.

~ Forrest Bird (Pip in Great Expectations)

'Tariq Jordan brought a wonderful sincerity to the character of Pip, beginning as a 12-year-old full of imagination and vivacity. Jordan provided a solid foundation for the story. His initially innocent adoration of Estella became a true source of anguish which captivated the audience, the top hat and tails never quite hiding the earth-bound fervour of Pip'.

~ A Younger Theatre (Pip in Great Expectations)

'Tariq Jordan plays his part as Pip, from boy to man, with a wide-eyed innocence'.

~ The Independent (Pip in Great Expectations)