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Ali & Dahlia

Pleasance Theatre (London)


Dir: Kerry Kyriacos Michael MBE

Cast: Waj Ali, Deli Segal, Kai Spellman

Producer: Maya Ellis

“My father used to say, nearly everything in the world is made in China; except courage, this is made in Palestine.”


Having been accused of rioting, Ali awaits his fate in an Israeli interrogation room. But when an old lover steps in to question him, the two are forced to confront their past and find themselves torn between bitter loyalties.


A harrowing Palestinian-Israeli love story set against the backdrop of the construction of the West Bank wall. A story of love, occupation, sacrifice, and redemption, that looks unflinchingly at the loss of innocence in war, the longing for lost homelands, and the political forces that shape our lives.

Writers Guild of Great Britain 2020

Best Play (Nominated) 


Off West End Award, Offies 2020

Most Promising New Playwright (Nominated)

Best Actor (Nominated)

Best Video Design (Nominated)

Ali and Dahlia by Tariq Jordan
Image by Kiwihug
Image by Kiwihug

'A tragic love story is told in this profoundly moving play at the pleasance theatre'.

'What you do not expect is quite the amount of humanity and humour that Jordan has thrown into this explosive, intoxicating mix. It pulsates with love, passion and hope, pulled from the darkest of spaces'.

'If you don’t walk away from this feeling profoundly moved, you might just be made of stone'.

'Ali and Dahlia takes an unflinching look at the Arab/Israeli conflict, offering up a heart-breaking romance as its powerful access point'.

'Perforated with Arabic rap music and using tantalising culinary imagery, Ali and Dahlia is an enduring assault on the senses, a modern star-crossed lover’s tale with unfortunately all too real origins'.

'Tariq Jordan’s writing draws on his own heritage allowing the piece to become personal while not over-simplifying complex political histories. His writing is extremely powerful, merging humour and poignancy effortlessly'.

'This is a phenomenally well-written first play. Jordan’s acting might have informed his knowledge but there’s not an ounce of redundant phrasing. Jordan knows how to be generous to actors'.

'Ali and Dahlia might be Tariq Jordan’s debut play but make no mistake, it explodes with talent, relevance, and passion... above all he’s a born storyteller'. 

'So though this play should be seen in a larger theatre, it comprises two auspicious debuts: the new Pleasance season, and Jordan’s writing career. He’s hit the wall running and going straight up'.

'The intimacy of Jordan’s writing is hard to miss. He includes personal details along with funny and tender moments to great effect'.

'It definitely sets Jordan up as an interesting new voice'.

Image by Kiwihug
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